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Ranmal Lake (Lakhota Lake) in the middle of Jamnagar city spread over 5 lakh square meters and is divided into three parts. The lake promotes the beauty of the city, and provides ideal shelter for tourists and migratory birds as well. Ranmal or Lakhota Lake is said to be constructed by Jam Ranmal II between 1820 to 1852.

Lakhota Lake Garden

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Facilities like, 9 Entry Gates, 12 Food Shop, 3 mtr. wide IAAF approved synthetic jogging track, pedestrian path way, landscaping, fountains, floating fountains, amphitheatre, musical fountain with laser show, DigJam aquarium restoration and developed as city museum, parking, sanitation facilities etc.Winner of 1st prize at National level HUDCO design award under the category of Land Scrapping & Planning for year 2015.

Lakhota Lake Is a Man Made Lake Situated In Center Of Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

Ranmal Lake

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This circular lake spreads around 5 lakh sq meters is a unique identity. Resting places like pavilions, bastions, artistic gardens, etc. have been placed around the lake. The exquisite architectural fort of architecture known as Lakhota built at a cost of millions is in the middle of the lake. Both of these monuments does not only describe the art but also the state's kind, affectionate, loving nature.