Aradhnadham Halar Tirth

Shri Halar Tirth ARADHANADHAM is located on the bank of the Sinhan River in the Midst of the pleasing sound of the rippling waves of water of the dam, near the gardens of various fruits, on the shore of the western sea, This impressive tribute to Jainism spread over 40 acres of land bordering the on the Jamnagar Dwarka highway Jamnagar district of Gujarat, India.

For getting peace of mind, Jain temple and Lord Jineshwara are both very useful. They are the main support of spiritual sadhana. Knowing this Vaghjibhai decided to construct a big marvelous temple in Aradhana Dham for the People native and foreign. He asked blessings from shri Mahasenvijayji Maharaj.

The Aradhanadham also includes rest houses for non pilgrims. Aradhana Bhavan where Nuns Bhagwants and Worshippers Number of worshippers performance hear ayambil and pratikraman at this place.