Bala-Hanuman Temple

Jamnagar is given a name, called "Chhoti Kashi" , where the most beautiful temple "Shri Bala Hanuman " is located. It is the world famous temple and has acheived name in Guinness Book of world records for continous 24-hours chanting of the "Ram Naam", since August 1, 1964.

Among these Tourist Attractions in Jamnagar, the Holy Places in Jamnagar are visited by the tourists form various parts of India and the world. Among these, the Temples in Jamnagar and more importantly, the Bala Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar deserve a special mention.

You can visit the temple to be witness to their prolonged act of religious devotion and even join in if you wish to contribute to the effort, especially at night, during the more difficult sessions.